New in Kassi: badges, feedback statistics and a new domain

Yesterday we launched some new features in Kassi. All users can now receive badges and view their and others’ reputation statistics from their profile pages.

Badges are earned by participating in exchanges, adding lots of new offers and requests to the service, commenting on others’ content and just generally being an active member of the community. The purpose of the badges is to reward active users and thus encourage people to participate. Furthermore, they add a notion of trust: people who have lots of badges are also probably reliable.

We also show some more detailed feedback statistics about the users: the average rating they have received, the amounts of feedback with different ratings and all feedback (ratings and textual evaluations) as a list. These can be found by clicking the “show all feedback” link on the left hand side of a user’s profile.

Juho Hamari is currently conducting research related to the badges. In his study he tries to find out what kind of impact the badges have in the Kassi community.

We have also started  using as the official Kassi domain. The old domain naturally still redirects to the same place. In the spring we will start expanding Kassi outside Aalto, and all the new communities will have similar own domains (in the form


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