Sizzle at CHI 2011

Happy, sizzling new year!

While the blog has been silent, a lot has been going on on the various fronts of Sizzle – and there are exciting plans for the coming year. We here at the Californian end of it all are getting ready to conduct a bunch of interesting new research.

Before sharing more of those plans, I wanted to briefly bring to your attention, that the program of the CHI 2011 conference is up. If you don’t work in human-computer interaction, you’re maybe not familiar with CHI. In short, CHI is the annual, huge, great conference on human factors in computing systems. If you study the program carefully, you’ll notice that there’s a Sizzle paper in there! We are happy to have the honor to present our paper We’re in It Together: Interpersonal Management of Disclosure in Social Network Services in the Privacy session on Thursday, May 12. Welcome to here what it all is about, CHI attendants! (Others, we’ll get back to this here in the blog, too.)

Furthermore, Sizzle themes are taken further in the upcoming workshop ”Privacy for a Networked World”: Bridging Theory and Design that we’re organizing as a part of CHI, in collaboration with Fred Stutzman and Markus Bylund. The Call for Participation is open until Jan 26, so take a look if this fits your interests. Also, we greatly appreciate it if you spread the word to those whose cup of tea this workshop could be. Thanks!


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