Sizzle International Workshop

Returning from the US, I encountered Helsinki the way I like it: beautiful in the late summer sunshine, sizzling with colleagues from four continents.

Helsinki viewed from Tervasaari, our meeting location (picture credit: kesakko on flickr)

For the first time, the global Sizzle crew gathered together to one location. The round of introductions in the first morning was a revealing moment for many of us: So many people working on Sizzle!

And it’s not only that we are many but that we form such a diverse team: not only are there people from Kenya, China, California & Finland. Another way to look at it is to recognize our wealth of academic backgrounds: some more focused on technology and software development, others on user research and design.

Over the two-day workshop, we shared news and experiences from what has been done in different locations and discussed our plans going forward. All of this is valuable in keeping everyone updated and opening eyes for potential collaborations. Furthermore, now that we have learned to know one another better and names match with faces, it will be immensely easier to bridge the distances and work over them.

A round of applause goes to Olli Pitkänen who shouldered most of the planning and organizing of the workshop.


2 Responses to Sizzle International Workshop

  1. Airi says:

    Check out Risto’s post about the workshop in Futurice blog:

  2. Ma Adhis says:

    Thanks for the info. I will be sure to come back in future for more.

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